Wong Kar-Wai is the bad boyfriend type. He told you he would visit, but it has been years.

You read the letters he wrote you over and over. One day, he suddenly mentioned that he will be spending Christmas. You explode with happiness. A few days before his visit, you receive a letter, “Sorry I changed my flight, I will be here in January. Merry Christmas.” Change of flight? More like, change of mind. I hope there is no change of heart.

Not that I am affected by the delay. But remember 2046? Remember this poster? He said that Maggie Cheung will be coming with him. She did. She dropped by and flashed you a smile. Anyone anticipating Song Hye-kyo’s visit, please brace your fragile heart.

榴蓮飄飄 / Durian Durian

Part one of Fruit Chan’s Hong Kong prostitute trilogy, starring Qin Hailu, one of my favourite actresses. 

Silenzio, by François Fontaine / Su Li-Zhen, is that you?

Silenzio, by François Fontaine

The photographer reconstructs iconic movie scenes and characters in this homage to cinema, Silenzio. The intentional haziness and blur gives the images an atmospheric texture that relates directly to memory. As in films, Silenzio tells us that what might be visually inaccurate can still be emotionally intact.

Man Yuk: A Portrait of Maggie Cheung. Experimental short made by Olivier Assayas, for Foundation of Contemporary Art, starring Maggie Cheung.

I think of you, every time i lit a cigarette.
If this moment you lit one up too, who would you be thinking of? 

After you left, this is the only way i could remember your hands.

一支煙的時間 / a cigarette without you


“This is amount of work that goes into a hand printed photograph - Keep in mind all those figures (times) and tone setting’s are all made by hand.” via New Touch Lab

I don’t think it matters whether one prefers film or digital, but there should be no argument that photographers back then were way more intense.

Just trying to understand Ansel Adam’s Zone system in theory is already daunting enough. To know your way around the darkroom, such that these kinds of ‘methods’ give you a good print, is literally dancing in the dark.

Even if you know what you want an image to look like, to create it necessitates more than just trial and error: you need tonnes of persistence. However, like cycling and swimming, once you get it, dancing in the dark becomes instinct.

To your 'intermission', a blog is a blog and you should do whatever you want to do -- akin to a unique digital footprint. Of course, I'm not trying to impose a rule over you! I believe most of your followers admire your blog regardless of the things you post.

I guess it is also a matter of nitpicking for consistency on my part. Even on my bookshelf, I prefer to separate the English titles from the Chinese, the hardcover from the paperback. When I see something next to each other that don’t belong together, I feel an urge to rearrange. Maybe i need to tell myself that a blog is a “stream of consciousness”, less of a rigid folder.

Thank you for the reminder, I shall leave this as part of my “digital footprint”. (I really dislike that when after replying a message on Tumblr, the conversation disappears into thin air.) 

Sometimes I feel odd putting personal things in this journal, when most people are in fact just waiting for Maggie Cheung. Or there might be people who followed because of the "little life" photos, but are instead flooded with daily Christopher Doyle. (Little life is the literal translation of 小生命, by the way.)

But then this is a nice Thursday morning which I bizarrely mistook for a Wednesday until ten minutes ago. Which means Friday is tomorrow. Which means liberté, égalité, fraternité! This space is mine and this nice morning I just want to share photos of some kids and their flawless skin. And maybe someday the cool kid with the cape and bamboo-saber, or the kid with the hen will become Tony Leung.