I treasure every moment of tonight. It made me remember many moments of my time with you. Not long after you left us, I dialed your number by accident. A familiar voice reached my ears.

"Please leave a message, 請留言。"

I spoke into the phone, "不如我哋由頭嚟过。"  

Why don’t we start over again? And if we could, then it wouldn’t be just me on the stage tonight. 

- Tony Leung, 隔空對話/Monologue, Photo by Wing Shya

It is said that Daffy kept Leslie’s number all these years; which explains why his voice message could be played on stage. At the end of the tribute, when Daffy’s message and name was typed out on the screen slowly, as a song Leslie once dedicated to him played - it was raining tears at the Coliseum.

In real life, 黎耀輝沒離開過何寶榮。Yiu-Fai has never left Po-Wing.

(Source: instagram.com)